Sani-Tea Tea Brewer Sanitizer – 80 x 1.5oz Portion Packets

Sani-Tea Tea Brewer Sanitizer – 80 x 1.5oz Portion Packets


Brewing equipment sanitizer for tea and coffee dispensers and components 

Residues in tea can result in a bitter taste. To ensure that your tea equipment is free of residues, the Stera-Sheen Sani-Tea Tea Brewer Cleaner and Sanitizer can be used to clean and sanitize the brewing equipment. Use to clean and sanitize tea brewers and tea and coffee dispensers, dispenser nozzles, brew baskets, frothing wands and components, milk lines and Reservoirs, milk pitchers and more.

Package includes: 80 x 1.5 oz Sani-Tea single-use packets



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Tea stains and residues might seem commonplace, but they make a big impact on flavor integrity. Sani-Tea completely removes these residues and oils, eliminating bitterness and preserving delicate flavors. Sani-Tea Tea Brewer Cleaner will not harm any components of your equipment and will leave no toxic residue. It is safe for all surfaces.

This product is NSF listed and includes an FDA-approved sanitizer, as well as secure and effective cleaners to remove oils and residues. You can easily clean your equipment in one step and save time while ensuring that you always serve delicious tea.

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