FryOilSaver QAC Sanitizer Test Strips – 100 Strips

FryOilSaver QAC Sanitizer Test Strips – 100 Strips


Litmus paper test strips for QAC / QUAT sanitizers with immediate and accurate readings!

These pre-cut sanitizer solution testing strips by The FryOilSaver Company are an accurate and affordable way to measure concentrations of Quaternary ammonium compounds in sanitizer solutions. Made from litmus paper, these strips are ideal for use with QUAT sanitizers such as Steramine, Hyamine 35, OASIS 146, Bardac 2250 and Sysco. They measure concentrations of up to 400ppm (parts per million), and come with an easy-reading chart with color matches at 0, 100, 200, 300 and 400ppm. 


  • Package includes 1 pack of 100 strips. Also available as 4 packs of 100 strips (400 strips)
  • Made from pre-cut, high quality litmus paper which is specially treated to accurately test pH levels
  • Includes an easy to read color-coded chart with color matches at 0, 100, 200, 300, and 400 parts per million
  • Designed for use with Quaternary Ammonium based sanitizers such as Steramine, OASIS 146, Hyamine 35, Bardac 2250 and Sysco (tablets)
  • Federal, state, and local heath regulations require that restaurants and bars have appropriate QUAT / QAC test kits to verify the strength of their sanitizers
  • How to use: Simply dip 1 strip into your solution for 1 second. Remove from solution and wait 10 seconds for the strip to develop. Compare the result to the color chart provided. Do not test foam. For more accurate results, the solution should be between 65 and 75 degrees fahrenheit
  • Please note: These strips should not be stored in high humidity and must not be exposed to water or other liquids while in storage.

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